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How to Build a Powerful Portfolio of Commercial Real Estate Properties with "auto-pilot" substantial monthly Cash Flow,

Rock Solid "Recession-Proof" Appreciation,

Maximum Equity Growth and Maximum Tax Benefits.

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From: Raymond Pedersen
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Written: A Beautiful Monday Morning

Dear Real Estate Investor:

My name is Raymond Pedersen I have been buying and selling all types of commercial real estate properties for over 28 years. I decided to start commercial real estate investing after losing my job and becoming over $20,000 in debt over a period of 2 years. With investing in commercial real estate I was able to build my net worth to just over 2 million dollars in 5 years.  I have hands on experience in buying and selling apartment buildings, office buildings, retail space and raw land. I have owned properties in 10 different states and I have seen up, mature and down markets. I’ve survived the highs and lows of investing in commercial properties and have come away with the knowledge and experience to deal with almost any situation. Its time for you to learn the secrets of commercial properties from an experienced investor who is successful even in today’s market.

Most people and even experienced investors have no access to the world of commercial real estate, become an insider in the world of bigger and better

Each commercial property investment has its own unique features, you will learn how to be successful with all of them:

·         Apartments of all sizes

·         Office buildings and office parks

·         Retail space

·         Industrial Buildings

·         Raw Land


Commercial Property and the Current Economy


According to the commercial investment cycles the time to buy is right now due to the window of opportunity. Buy low, sell high, Owners and banks are motivated to sell now due to weak economy, they are not thinking creatively, they are experiencing high vacancy are more likely to give huge discounts.

Learn how to control the property with very little money down and safeguards to protect your money down.

You will learn dozens of free and paid proven strategies to turn around office buildings, raw land and apartments both increasing their income and decreasing the expenses.


Take Your Investing to the Next Level

   Commercial Properties: Apartments, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings appreciate faster than Residential Properties

   Commercial Properties: Apartments, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings allow you to let tenants pay off your loans and expenses

   Commercial Properties: Apartments, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings by their nature allow for more creative financing and flexible terms from the seller

   Commercial Properties: Apartments, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings allow you to add multiple solid streams of auto-pilot cash flow to your portfolio

   Commercial Properties: Apartments, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings allow you to build your net worth faster

   Commercial Properties: Apartments, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings allow for some of the same techniques as residential investing including buying options – If your going to invest in real estate, why not invest big?

   Commercial Properties: Apartments, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings will always be needed and are in more demand than residential real estate – How many new businesses start every year that need office space? How many service professionals need office space? How many baby boomers, college students and single people need to rent apartments?

   Commercial Properties: Apartments, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings you can follow the trend and information is more easily available – If Wal-Mart and Starbucks invest in a building, don’t you think the area is a good investment???



No “get rich quick” schemes or tricks.

Take the fear out of investing in commercial properties. It’s no doubt that paying off a loan on an apartment can be a slow process. But isn’t it easier when you have 5 or more tenants locked in leases paying off the loan? And we show you how to have 20 or more multiple streams of other income coming from that property that has nothing to do with rent!

You are learning how to drive one of the most solid investments vehicles available that will not only allow you to set your own hours but also give you the opportunity to make as much money as you dream. Why? Simply because it’s up to you how many deals you bring in and do. There’s no cap on your salary like a regular job. Learn how to put safety structures in place to protect any money you invest.


Not – “No Money Down” – This is not a “No Money Down” course

To invest in commercial real estate you will need money. How much? If you want to buy and option on a property it may cost you a refundable 1-2% of the asking price to control it. Options give you the right to buy or not buy the property, but the property is removed off the market for you. But here is the good thing about buying and selling options (one strategy discussed in the course) you can purchase your option at 1% down, and then require the person you sell the option to put up 2% to cover yourself in case they don't follow though!   


Not – “NO Credit, BAD Credit, Bankruptcy OK!”

You credit will play a small factor in your ability to get financing for you commercial property, but not as much as with residential homes. Let me explain. With commercial properties loans are based more on the property itself because the buildings main purpose is to create revenue. Plus banks can see how much it has made in the past and predict the future earnings; therefore the loan is safer than home loans. They also look at the property manager’s experience but this can be easily outsourced to an  experienced expert.   


Commercial Buildings Appreciate Faster then Residential Buildings.

Do not attempt to tackle commercial real estate investing without proper training. The mistakes you could make could be the most expensive tuition you ever pay. Learn the insider tricks and secrets from the best so you know what to look out for. Now is not the time to “wing-it”. Lack of training could cost you thousands times more than the cost of this course.


Yes there are dozens of courses and books available on the market, a few are good but most are just junk. Many are full of filler, long winded stories, extraneous information and “case studies”. This course will not insult your intelligence by teaching you things like how to go to the bank and apply for a loan.


Our commercial real estate course is straight to the point, no filler, no nonsense, no motivational stories, no time wasting. Basically, anything that does not have to do directly with commercial investing has been edited out. Oh, and no this isn’t a recycled recording of a seminar. This course is professionally made instructor led using slides on a video screen. It is similar to attending a class online, watching videos of an instructor teach a class.


AND we will not pummel you offers to buy other products or services. This is our only course and we do not host seminars. You will not hear from us about a seminar with limited seating or offer to join our mentor program where we take 50% of the deal! Give me a break. A big problem that I have personally experienced is having my information sold to other people when I buy something; I hated receiving junk from these people. WE DO NOT DO THIS.      


With Commercial Real Estate Investing you can start seeing Profits Immediately

For example, with apartments you can take all the rents up front as soon as you close the deal. You can also swoop in and make easy changes that the owner can’t see, is too lazy to do or too distracted to do. Extracting hidden gems and increasing cash inflows immediately. Thinking about starting your own business? If you’re the landlord or owner of a commercial property you’re the boss. If your office building or industrial space property is flexible enough, it can fit any business. Don’t get burned by expenses, burned by tenants or burned by property managers. Learn how to approach all these issues before they become a major problem.


60 Days Absolutely Risk Free 100%

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee


Please understand your purchase is risk free and refunds are easy.
You will be totally satisfied with our materials or YOU PAY NOTHING.
Feel free to email us any questions or concerns you may have.


Throw your excuses and doubts overboard and replace them with solid portfolio of commercial buildings

Here's just a small taste of what this Comprehensive Training Course Contains:


·         Advantages and Disadvantages of investing in Commercial Property

Comparing Commercial Property investing to Residential Investing


·         What to look for when starting, selecting and analyzing properties, How to find growing areas to maximize your investment.


·         Buying and selling Apartments, Land, Multifamily Buildings, Retail Space, Office Buildings


·         Advantages of buying Apartments and what the investment can do for you


·         How to immediately add new found income and value to your property through 15 free strategies and 6 low price methods. Turn junk properties into cash flow machines without heavy investment.


·         How to implement the changes so tenants not only don’t fight you but are happy to pay you more for.


·         How do you make money on major appliances in the apartment building? Changes that can save you thousands of dollars yearly.


·         Managing the properties yourself or through a management company


·         What and How to analyze regarding all paperwork related to the property. What to look for and how to quickly determine if you have a good deal.


·         How to reposition a failing or unproductive apartment building or office through little known, low cost methods.


·         How to attract the best quality tenants that will offer you more to rent or lease your buildings space over the competitions


·         Selecting the best quality tenants - Demographics of where to concentrate your marketing efforts and maximize marketing messages, What you can legally investigate and do regarding tenants


·         What you need to know about intents to buy, leases, rental agreements and contracts how to read and develop them


·         Code Violations, legal hang-ups and problem areas you must be aware of before you do you first deal and solutions you can implement before buying


·         Retail Properties overviewed and leasing standards


·         3 major Retail leases discussed in detail


·         Buying industrial business parks and multiuse facilities, what to look for, advantages and disadvantages, tenant relations and more


·         Office High rise, mid rise and low rise property overviews. Advantages and disadvantages.


·         Raw Land - Advantages and disadvantages, What to look for when buying, Subdividing, rezoning, selling and more.


·         Over 53 unique and efficient ways and places to find Commercial property Deals


·         How to use the internet to find Commercial property Deals - where to go, what to look for, save time


·         Direct mail marketing overview and tips to find Commercial property Deals before the competition


·         Finding Motivated Sellers, Learn what makes a motivated seller and how you can strike a deal with them


·         Property cycles which indicate when you should buy, hold and sell what to look for


·         Due diligence including inspections, environmental studies, vacancy analysis, financials analysis and more. What facts you need to move forward and why.


·         3 analysis methods to quickly determine the value of any commercial property yourself without comparables


·         Analysis methods to determine what the property is producing in income


·         Using Contracts and Contingencies to protect you as a buyer


·         Taking control of Commercial properties using options or the right to buy and how/where to sell your option, collect an assignment fee and protect yourself in the process (others sell courses on this alone for $495)


·         Financing - What bank lenders look for from you and the property


·         Working with private lenders so they want to give you down payment funds


·         Seller Financing overview and strategies you can use immediately


·         Tips and strategies on Selling and other exit strategies for your commercial property

How to Sell your property both quickly and for maximum value


·         All Must know terms related to commercial real estate simplified including Cap rates, IRR, and jargon that seasoned pros use and why they matter to lenders, buyers and sellers.


·         Using your IRA to invest in commercial real estate - What you must avoid to legally defer paying taxes on your investment profits.  You can use your real estate profits to grow your wealth by avoiding taxes the legal way. You can buy and sell commercial properties using your self directed IRA. Others have dedicated full $200 courses on this subject. 


·         1031 Exchanges to accelerate your personal wealth by putting off paying taxes on your profit when you sell and its perfectly legal. Learn the pitfalls and legalities of this process.


…….And A LOT more!


Home Study Version
3 CDROM Course Shipped to your address. Includes 2 video disc and 1 forms disc.
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Online Instant Access Version
Access The Commercial real estate investors videos through our members only website or download the videos to your desktop and view for life with unrestricted access immediately after payment
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One hour of instructional videos which play on any computer, no matter how new or how old it is. Videos play effortlessly on any computer, you cane view through our members area or download to your desktop without any add-ons or extras to download or upgrade. Painstakingly edited and Straightforward intense instruction, non technical guide to easily sort through the maze of commercial property legalisms and pitfalls. Videos are broken into segments and include a guide to quickly go to any part you need.

Course contains:

No Repetitions
No Extraneous information
No Filler
No Common sense explanations
No Long winded stories
No Jokes
No E-book


You Do Not need multiple DVD sets, workbooks with repetitive information or multiple audio CDs to learn to invest in commercial real estate or sharpen your skills, you can get started today with our video program.

Also Included:

All required forms prepared by my attorney which I use in my own business:

Triple Net Commercial Lease
Tenant Agreement
Promissory notes
Letter of Intent
Commercial Sale Contract
Commercial Lease
Property evaluation form: easy to use excel form to track and estimate repairs
Assignment Agreement
Assignment of purchase and sale agreement
Commercial Lease
Commercial Lease agreement
Commercial or industrial property Sale Contract
Cosigner Agreement
Notice of Intent to Enter Dwelling Unit
Letter to Original Tenant and New Cotenant
Letter for Returning Entire Security Deposit
Lease with Purchase Option

Landlord/Tenant Checklist
Fixed-Term Residential Lease
Month-to-Month Residential Rental Agreement
Move-Out Letter
Monthly Rental Agreement
Move-In Letter
Notice of Change in Rent
Notice to Pay Rent
Notice of Conditional Acceptance Based on Credit Report or Other Information
Agreement for Delayed or Partial Rent Payments
Property Manager Agreement
Protect Your Family from Lead-Based Paint Flyer
Receipt and Holding Deposit Agreement
Rental Application
Tenant References
Warning Letter for Lease or Rental Agreement Violation
Rental/Credit Application
Renters Application Form to Release Information
Time Estimate for Repair
Semiannual Safety and Maintenance Update
Security Deposit Receipt
Agreement Regarding Tenant Alterations to Rental Unit
Spanish-Protect Your Family from Lead Based Paint
Tenant Reference Check Form
Tenant Behavior Policy
Tenant Employment Verification

(websites sell individual forms for $15.98 each)


If the price was $10,000 for a proven system of buying, increase the value and selling commercial real estate, wouldn’t it be worth it? Sure, you could use the information for the rest of your life on as many transactions as you possibly could and keep making large profits. As you know, others easily sell out 1 day boot camps for $1997 or $2997 with the same information or less. They drag out the time and include busy work and filler. Plus you’d have to pay for plane tickets and hotel rooms. 


You can try this entire program for less than it costs to fill up your gas tank. With this information, you won’t care one iota about gas anymore. You’ll probably spend more on paper this year. It’s not a big expense and it’s risk-free.  I won’t promise you a new Ferrari like others do, but I will promise you that these are the best tools to master the craft of Commercial real estate investing and give you the best shot at real wealth. It’s easier to catch the fish, when you know where the fish are biting.


Why is the pricing so favorable? What’s the catch?

We want to make this course affordable for everyone. We are tired of people charging $497 and $997 for garbage. Even though I could easily charge that for our course, I don’t feel it’s necessary. I already have achieved everything I ever wanted and I’m quite content and busy with family and my own real estate portfolio. So unfortunately I can’t say I made my millions selling how to buy houses no money down on late night commercials.   


I will not promise you that you will make millions of dollars overnight or even at all. Surprised? You should be, most if not all books, seminars and audio programs promise you the moon. I will promise you that after your purchase you will have the best and most comprehensive tool set available to invest in commercial real estate. You will have a practical, easy to use, fluff-free, proven, step by step video presentation about all aspects of commercial real estate which has helped hundreds of people both start investing and strengthen their current investing strategies. Now, I and all my satisfied customers feel the price is extremely affordable compared to what else is out there. And I could easily do like the so-called gurus do and add filler, expanding the course over 12 audio CDs and a workbook or whatever is being hawked now-a-days and charge $997. I don't want to be like them though, I love to over deliver value and make it affordable so everyone can take advantage! Your payment is one-time only, not a monthly or yearly membership!

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Do not procrastinate, Take action, Join Approximately 13,871 Satisfied Customers and Make your secure, risk free investment now!

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To Your Success!,

Raymond Pedersen
Author of The Commercial Real Estate Investors Blueprint
Professional Commercial Real Estate Investor

(888) 265-4301

1256 South First Street
San Jose, CA 95112

P.S. Remember your investment in this real estate education course is 100% risk free. A simple 1 sentence email to my credit card processor can refund your entire payment, if you so choose. No company would outright tell you this unless they were 100% confident in their product. I hold all the risk. We also do not and will not send you other offers! Everything you need to get started is in this one course, no other add-ons or up sales are needed. Isn't it refreshing to finally hear the real story and not just what you want to hear? The first and sometimes the hardest step is beginning, Click Here to try now.

(888) 265-4301
1256 South First Street
San Jose, CA 95112


The Results are up to you and your own focus and motivation. Beware of real estate Courses that guarantee that you will get rich in real estate using their course. No one can guarantee you will succeed or fail except you.

"Many People win in life, simply because nobody else showed up"


Individual performance depends upon the individual skills, time availability, and dedication of each student in the training program. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results.

Site owner and program creator does not function as my real estate broker, personal accountant, attorney or financial advisor. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my actions and hereby release Site owner and program creator and any of its staff, employees, officers or affiliates from liability for any of my actions or comments influenced by the information contained in products and services received. From this day forward, I assume full responsibility of my personal, physical, emotional and financial well-being.

Disclaimer: The results discussed herein may vary by individual student. Site owner and program creator do not guarantee, and hold no liability for, any actions or comments influenced by the information contained in products and services received. Each individual's success depends on his or her dedication, desire, and motivation.